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Harco Engineering has 26 years of experience in the business of Concrete Core Boring, Saw Cutting & Structural Repairing (Alternation/ Fabrication Works) & Installation of Industrial Plants etc. We have been awarded with numerous contracts by foreign and local contractors in Singapore, Malaysia and overseas. We specialise in all works relating to Residential, Hotel, Industrial & Commercial Building, MRT Projects & etc.

With an experienced and professional team, the range of services provided include:
• Concrete Structural Repair
• Environmentally Controlled Demolition Work
• Efficient machinery and tools
• Detection of rebars location using a special unit of Perfometer

The Conventional methods of hacking floor slabs, R.C Wall, Beam etc will greatly damage & cause vibration through various parts of the structure. This process also require large amount of labour works resulting in increased expenses and time.

Harco Engineering has the solution to remedy all these problems and increase the efficiency with the advance usage of machinery & diamond tools. We are able to provide accurate methodologies and approach eliminating unnecessary works on your concrete structure.

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